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M3 Radio

Радио M3 Radio онлайн

The M3 Radio mission is to give the independent musician a broadcast forum where if their music is good it will receive airplay regardless of whether they’re signed to a major label or not. It’s not about someone telling us to play the music, we play it because it’s good or else we just won’t play it! We report our weekly airplay charts to CMJ for publication. Beside the Radio 200 Top 30 chart, we also report specialty formats such as Hip-Hop, Loud Rock, RPM (Electronic), New World and Jazz. M3 Radio, new independent music all the time!

   Рейтинг: 491
   Категория: Рок, Фолк / Этно / Кантри, Рэп / Хип-хоп / R'n'B / Регги, Поп, Джаз / Блюз
   Сайт M3 Radio: http://www.m3radio.com/
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